World’s Weirdest Vehicles 2018

As specialists in automated greasing system and air filtration solutions, we’ve seen our fair share of vehicles and trucks in all shapes and sizes. But we have never come across these… In this post, we share 5 of the weirdest vehicles from around the world:

If the shoe fits…

Yes, it’s pretty much what it looks like, a three-wheeled, high heel motorcycle. Although it looks very “chic”, it can’t be very practical or aerodynamic. Imagine the routine maintenance on it? 

World’s weirdest vehicles 2018

Blast from the past

This strange looking vehicle is a reconstruction of an old French design, christened Hélica. It was designed a century ago in 1913 by Marcel Leyat. It’s a hybrid vehicle halfway between a plane and a car.

The design of this strange vehicle went against all the principles of auto construction at the time, because Hélica didn’t have a gearbox, a driving system, or a drive wheel.  This revolutionary prop-driven car was very light, simple, cheap to run, and fast.

Its performance was amazing: it could do over 60 mph and weighed less than 300 kilos with two passengers. Would you like a car like this today?

World’s weirdest vehicles 2018

Defeat the Neighbours?

This Quasi-Tank/Volkswagon Beetle looks like it would be very hard to find spare parts for. But the idea of your own personal tank is strangely appealing…

World’s weirdest vehicles 2018

Dekotora Trucks of Japan

Underneath all that colour and lights, they are just your average truck with the same body and engine, but what sets the Dekotora trucks (or “decoration trucks”) apart is the customisations that are made to them. Commonly displaying neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and stainless or golden parts (on both on the exterior and the interior), these trucks are big in Japan for truck drivers and hobbyists alike who like to pimp out their trucks. 

World’s weirdest vehicles 2018

What’s the weirdest vehicle you’ve seen or heard of?