What is the Purpose of Lubrication in Vehicles and Machinery?

Purpose of lubricationLubrication may seem like a big word, but it’s really quite simple. The purpose of lubrication is focused on greasing moving parts of machinery, with the right amount, right type, and at the right time. 

Lubrication is the control of friction and wear by introducing a friction-reducing film between two moving surfaces. This is important for reducing equipment failure and machine downtime. 

Research shows that over 50% of bearing failures are a result of improper lubrication.

Selecting the right lubrication solution can help reduce premature bearing failures, as well as increase machine uptime, productivity and energy efficiency.

When maintained properly, good lubrication practices extend the service life of moving parts under many different conditions of speed, pressure and temperature. Lubrication is essential for equipment maintenance and keeping things running smoothly.  

What Are The Purposes Of Machinery Lubrication?

The purpose of lubrication is primarily to reduce friction, but it also has many other uses, including:

  • Reducing and dissipating heat generated 
  • Controlling temperature
  • Preventing wear and fatigue on moving parts
  • Reducing component failures
  • Protecting from corrosion and rust
  • Absorbing or reducing shock 
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Transmitting power
  • Isolating components from contamination
  • Cleaning and reducing contaminants
  • Reducing leakages
  • Sealing from debris
  • Decreasing noise

Proper lubrication reduces machine shutdowns and maintenance costs and minimises production losses. It also promotes greater employee safety and can decrease environmental impact.

In the long term, companies save on repair and replacement costs of their machinery. 

Without proper lubrication, your machines will cost you much more than you realise. As you can see from the list above, there are many benefits to investing in high quality lubrication systems. Good grease is an important aspect of strong production. 

Need An Automatic Lubrication System For Your Machinery?

If you find your machines accumulate a lot of downtime and maintenance costs, make the switch to a high-quality lubricant today. It makes all the difference, and your machines and employees will thank you. 

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