What Is ALS? Your Ultimate Guide

Greasing machinery

Lubricating equipment properly ensures your valuable assets keep operating effectively and running costs are reduced. And while most of us understand what it means to manually lubricate machine parts, did you know there is a system that can do it automatically? It’s called Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS).

In this article, we share our ultimate guide to ALS.

What is ALS?

An ALS is a method to safely and precisely lubricate machine parts automatically, getting grease to exactly where it’s needed. It’s a type of pump, which is installed on equipment in a centralised and easily accessible location.

While equipment is operating, the system dispenses small measured amounts of grease at intervals directly to multiple points.

This process maintains a uniform supply of lubricant to machine parts at all times. Providing a lubricant seal which prevents dirt and contaminants from causing problems.

ALS on truck

 Maintaining ALS

Regular equipment inspections are still required when an ALS is installed. You must still check for loose or damaged lines and ensure everything is working correctly.

The ALS eliminates manual greasing from your workload, so you can concentrate on other repairs and necessary adjustments as you conduct your regular inspection.

Equipment suitable for ALS:

ALS can be installed in all sorts of machinery and equipment including:

Benefits of ALS:

There are numerous benefits of having an ALS on equipment, such as:

  • Efficient lubrication and less downtime– ALS apply lubricant while machines are operating, reducing time and manpower involved with manual greasing. This means  less downtime and reduced running costs.
  • Effective lubrication – The system applies grease or oil in the most effective way providing the best protection: in small, measured amounts over frequent intervals.
  • Safety – ALS reduces unsafe practices such as climbing on or under machinery to manually apply lubricant.
  • Uses less grease – An ALS cannot over lubricate which means less wastage.
  • Increased productivity & longer machine life – The increase in machine availability due to less downtime means equipment is working at its best for longer.
  • Environmental benefits – An ALS reduces wear and tear on components resulting in less landfill. As mentioned, less grease is used due to reduced spillage and leaks.

Lubricant/grease/oil used:

The type of lubricant used in an ALS depends on the manufacturer. For warranty purposes, some will require you to purchase lubricant directly from them, while others have no restriction on the brand used.

An ALS is a valuable tool in reducing the costs associated with inadequate lubrication and offers substantial other benefits.

If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits an Automatic Lubricant System can offer, get in touch with the team of experts at Lubecore.