Upcoming trucking events you should check out

ATAThe trucking, logistics and road freight industry is huge in Australia.

With thousands employed throughout the country, there’s a certain pride that comes with being a truckie. Luckily, for those involved in the industry – and those who just have a passion for all things trucks – there are plenty of trucking events that occur throughout the year. In today’s article, we’ve listed four trucking events in particular that are worth checking out.

ComVec, 27 & 28 May, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane

At the end of this month, ComVec will be hosted at the RNA Showgrounds. As stated by its website, ComVec is Australia’s Commercial Vehicle engineering conference, with the discussion firmly focused on discussing commercial vehicle technology, from new product innovation to discussions on vehicle standards and safety. An event certainly worth going to for anyone who is involved within the trucking industry.

Trucking Australia 2014, 6 & 7 June, Hamilton Island, Queensland

Trucking Australia 2014 is hosted by the Australian Trucking Association and encourages commercial truckers of all types to come along and voice their views, thoughts and concerns regarding the trucking industry. Designed to function as an open meeting, Trucking Australia will allow those involved in the industry to come together and discuss the industry at large to inform future decisions and improvements for all involved.

Yesteryear Truck and Machinery Show, 12 & 13 July, Wauchope Showground, NSW

The Yesteryear Truck and Machinery Show, held at Wauchope Showground in NSW, celebrates the history of trucks, vehicles and other machinery that has served to change transport in grand ways. Including displays of trucks, vintage cars, motorcycles and more, the Yesteryear Truck and Machinery Show is a great way to look back at the engineering innovations that have led to transport world as it is today.

2014 Brisbane Convoy for Kids, 1 November, Heathwood, Queensland

In November, the Brisbane Convoy for Kids will return, offering a family-friendly experience. Complete with fireworks, rides, entertainment, truck shows, auctions and more, the 2014 Brisbane Convoy for Kids will undoubtedly be a day well spent.


What trucking events are you looking forward to in your neck of the woods? Share them with us in the comments below.