Unique Road Rules Around the World

Lube - Unqiue Road Rules

Abiding by the rules is one way that helps keep motorists safe on the road. It not only keeps you safe, but it also protects other road users. Some road rules, however, seem more reasonable than others. In this post, we share some of the more unique road rules around the world. 

10 countries with unique road rules


In Russia, you could get fined for driving a dirty car. The law’s intention is actually good: to keep a vehicle’s licence plate clear, especially during the winter months. While a muddy car or a dusty window is obviously dirty, a car can be “dirty” too if it has untidy interiors. To complicate things further, police officers have varying discretions on defining a “dirty” car. 


In Spain, you must drive with an extra pair of glasses, even if you’re already wearing a pair. Moreover, in some cities, you’re only allowed to park on the side of the road where houses have even numbers. 


Life is a bit unfair if you’re a driver in Japan. You can be punished if you splash water or mud on pedestrians. The penalty is more severe in the rainy season as there are more water puddles on the road. 


In Cyprus, drivers are prohibited from eating or drinking (even water!) while driving. The law states that both driver’s hands must be on the steering wheel all the time.

Costa Rica

On the other hand, in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a beer while driving…just as long as you don’t get too intoxicated.


Here, due to poor visibility during the winter months, car headlights must be on at all times, even in daylight. Moreover, in Denmark, drivers are asked to check for children hiding under their vehicles before they start the engine.


Whether you’re a driver or a rider, the warm and humid weather in Thailand isn’t an excuse to go topless. Any attempt will get you fined, and this rule applies to both men and women. (We’re not sure if the there is a rule for pants though.)


Due to Manila’s traffic congestion, a colour coding scheme is in effect during peak hours. On Mondays, vehicles with plate numbers ending in 1 and 2 aren’t allowed on major roads. Plates ending in 3 and 4 are banned on Tuesdays; 5 and 6 on Wednesdays; 7 and 8 on Thursdays; and 9 and 0 on Fridays. It may be convenient to have two cars, but you’re still unlucky if both plate numbers have the same day ban.

South Africa

In South Africa, you have to be wary of all pedestrians, human or not. Drivers will receive a hefty fine if they don’t stop or slow down to let animals pass. 


The US has no shortage of strange rules as well.

In Alaska, you can’t tie a dog (yours or anyone’s) the roof of your car. In Montana, you can’t leave a sheep unescorted inside a truck. In Massachusetts, you can’t drive with a gorilla sitting in your backseat. In Nevada, it’s illegal to ride a camel on a highway.

California has its own set of unique rules too. Women in evening gowns can’t drive on Californian roads. In San Francisco, you can’t use dirty underwear to clean your windshields.


Importance of preventative maintenance

No matter where you live or how crazy the road rules are, always remember to prioritise road safety. Breakdowns and accidents may happen from time to time, but doing preventive maintenance on your vehicle can drastically reduce the risk. What’s more, if you put preventive maintenance measures in place, you’ll have peace of mind whenever you’re driving your car, a company truck, or any vehicle.

Automatic vs manual lubrication

Lubrication is just one aspect of vehicle maintenance, but it’s a crucial one. Proper lubrication will not only reduce maintenance cost; it can also boost a vehicle’s performance and prolong the life of vehicle parts, preventing excessive wear and tear.

You need to use the right lubricant at the right amount, at the right time, at the right points. If you’re no expert, then a simple lubrication job can be a daunting task.

This is where automatic lubrication has the advantage over the manual method. With automatic lubrication systems, the lubricant’s application is more consistent and you can access those hard-to-reach points, something not easily done with manual application.