Top 5 Largest Mining Vehicles

If your work involves heavy vehicles and equipment, then you’ll know that regular maintenance is vital in keeping your operations running safely and reliably. However, ‘heavy’ is somewhat of an understatement with respect to what you’ll typically find in the world of mining.

The mining industry boats some of the largest vehicles known to man, which makes maintaining them an even greater priority. Below are five vehicles we guarantee you won’t find on public roads.


 Bagger 288


Meet the Bagger 288 – the Goliath of all mining machines.

Built by German company Krupp and commissioned by mining firm Rheinbraun, the Bagger holds the record for largest vehicle on Earth. At 13,500 tons, the Bagger even surpasses the weight of Nasa’s Crawler-Transporter, which serves as a ground transport for space shuttles.

The Bagger’s rotating bucket-wheels make it the perfect mining tool. It excavates 240,000 tons of coal a day (which is enough to fill 2,400 coal wagons), stands 96 high, and is 220m long.

Caterpillar 797F


The Caterpillar 797F is one of largest ‘rock-trucks’’ in the mining industry. It’s role is to transport coal and overburden material (rocks, dirt, etc.), though it also serves similar uses on construction sites.

It’s gross operating weight is 1,375,000 lbs and it stands at a staggering 24 ft. As you can see via the feature image, a regular sedan doesn’t even reach half the height of a single wheel.

Terex RH400

Terex RH 400 1

The Terex RH400 is the world’s largest excavator, and perhaps the most aptly named mining vehicle too. It’s oversized hydraulic shovel is reminiscent of a gaping jaw, which can easily envelop the body of regular digger (as seen above).

The shovel alone weights 1,078 tons and can scoop just shy of 10,000 tons of material per hour. However, if you plan on investing in the Terex RH400, be aware it’ll set you back a lazy $11 million.

Metso Mobile Crusher


The Metso Lokotrak LT160 is crusher which breaks down material too large to hauled away in its current state. The 64-foot-long machine crushes up to 1550 tons of debris per hour with a V-shaped jaw; this then filters down through grates onto a conveyor belt below.

This Lokotrak is also one of the few machines to employ tank-like threads, which allows it to traverse even the harshest terrain and move to where it’s needed most.

LeTourneau I2350


Lastly we have the LeTourneau I2350, an earthmover. This 67-foot-long, 21-foot high machine is the world’s largest front-end loader, capable of lifting 72 tons above its body. In addition to a 3974.68 litre fuel tank and rubber wheels 4 metres in diameter, the LeTourneau most prized feature is it’s 53-cubic-yard shovel.

Because of its overwhelming size, Le Tourneau I2350 never leaves its place of origin – it’s assembled on-site, then dismantled there at the end of its life.