The Top 3 Benefits of Automatic Lubrication Systems

How Does Automatic Lubrication Systems Work and Help Us?

From house to car repairs, sometimes we fall for the “quick fix”. It’s cheaper and easier right? Well that quick fix can actually end up costing you a lot more down the track and taking up a lot more of your time. One of the best ways to ensure a long-lasting and quality job is to start on the right foot – with quality products. Due to this line of thinking, Automatic Lubrication Systems for vehicles continue to be popular, as they offer long-lasting benefits and less maintenance issues.

Found in a study conducted by a major component manufacturer, improper lubrication systems result in 53% of total bearing failures, leading to increased machinery down-time and maintenance costs. This is largely due to inadequate lubrication amounts and also a higher amount of dirt, dust and moisture contaminating the bearings.

An Automatic Lubrication System or Centralised Lubrication System works as the dispenser of consistent and regular grease amounts needed in critical lubrication points. The system also works in a machine while it’s in motion or in use.

A lot people still apply lubrication manually, which is cheaper upfront compared to a automatic system, but the long-term expenses can be far greater. Manual lubrication can lead to human error in over or under lubricating bearings, irregular lubrication of vital parts, and messy spillages.

Automatic lubrication systems (ALS) have been proven through the years for a broad array of industrial applications like mining, steel, food and beverage, agriculture, packing and on and off-road equipment and vehicles.

Why do I need an Automatic Lubrication System?

Many people and businesses can benefit from ALS, not only for large fleets but also for single vehicle or machinery owners. ALS helps your equipment and materials stay working and functional for years to come. But, what other benefits are there?

Top 3 reasons for installing an Automatic Lubrication System:

1. Better and More Efficient Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication System provide a more efficient lubrication than manual application – not only in terms of time management but also in lubrication levels. Your machine can run smoothly without you having to check it every 5 minutes. It is also more efficient in terms of spillage and leakage of lubricants in equipment – which is highly wasteful and can get quite messy.

2. Increased Machine Productivity

In using Automatic Lubrication Systems, your machines can run smoothly for longer periods, increasing productivity and reducing machine down-time.

3. Helps the Environment

Greases spilt greases can easily contaminate and damage the surrounding environment. With ALS, wastage and leaks are reduced, as the system only releases the needed amounts to precise areas on the part or machinery.