The Only Way To Go With Lubricant Management – Automatic Lubricant Systems

Lubricating heavy machinery is important to keep things running smoothly and get the job done. For many businesses, maintaining the lubrication of all their machinery is a big, time-consuming and challenging task. 

Equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and moving parts can result in costly repairs. It’s not worth the risk. 

The good news is that there’s an easier way to manage lubrication… Introducing automatic lubricant systems (ALS).  

An ALS lubricates continuously while the machine is working. An ALS offers impressive benefits, including increasing efficiency and reducing downtime, because the machine does not need to be stopped for lubrication. ALS simplifies machinery maintenance processes.

ALS is the only way to go with lubricant management. It far outperforms manual lubrication and can save time and money for your business…

Here’s how:

  • Right amount, right time: ALS controls the amount of lubrication and when it is applied. This is a major advantage over manual lubrication, in which machines are often under or over greased. Too much grease can cause a product to jam or damage the bearings, whereas not enough grease will create excessive heat and noises until the unit fails. In either case, this will result in further machine downtime and repairs. 


  • Decreased machine downtime: Another clear advantage of ALS over manual lubrication is that it reduces machine downtime. Since ALS continuously lubricates while the machine is running, there’s no need to stop the machine for maintenance. This increases efficiency for your business. 


  • Reduces health & safety risks: Manual lubrication often involves climbing on machinery to reach difficult bearings, thus posing a safety risk. Once ALS is installed, this is no longer an issue. Improving the safety of your worksite is always important, and ALS is the clear answer. 


  • Eliminates contaminated or incorrect lubricants: Another issue with manual lubrication is that it can be easy to pick up the wrong lubricant or for debris and contaminants to get into lubricants before they are applied. This can cause big issues if applied to a machine. ALS eliminates this problem by applying the correct lubricant and reducing contamination. 


  • Follows schedule: In the busyness of work schedules, it can be easy to neglect or avoid lubrication, because it interrupts workflow. However, not following strict lubrication timelines can be costly. An ALS is set to an automated timer, to apply the right amount of lubrication at the right time. 


Avoid the pitfalls of manual lubrication with an Automated Lubrication System and see the benefits for your business. Talk to our team of experts on all things ALS at Lubecore today.