The Future of Automatic Lubrication Systems

The future of automatic lubrication systems

There is a bright future for automatic lubrication systems (ALS).

Many industries are seeing the benefits of a centralised and automated greasing solution and making the shift to ALS.

Manual lubrication of heavy and plant machinery is becoming trickier in key industries and many are realising how ALS can simplify maintenance and reduce machine downtime

There are some exciting expansions in store for ALS over the next few years… here’s the breakdown:

Expansions Across Industries

With populations growing and demand increasing, there are more and more sectors that need to produce goods quickly and efficiently. 

Those that use heavy machinery to do this can’t afford to spend an excessive amount of time on machine maintenance. 

These industries include mineral and metal processing, pulp and paper, and the cement plants and steel industry. 

For the minerals, metal, cement and steel industries, the growth of the economy and rapid urbanisation has increased demand exponentially and isn’t slowing down. In almost every stage of the process, there are machines that are subjected to heavy loads, high temperatures, high speeds and polluted environments. 

These are the machinery that desperately need a lubrication system to ensure functionality.  

As for pulp and paper, there is the ever present demand for increased production capacities and this creates a need for efficient manufacturing systems. Manual lubrication has seen a decrease in favour of the more efficient option, ALS.

Asia Pacific A Key Market For Automatic Lubrication Systems

Additionally, it has been forecasted that the Asia Pacific will be a key market for ALS, driven by the increase in consumption of passenger cars. 

These countries are massive producers of cars, steel, paper and cement and the myriad of production companies, infrastructure developments and increase in disposable income of the population is only going to drive demand up.

As a result of the increased reliance and need for machinery, the Asia Pacific is shaping up to be an optimal market for ALS in the near future.

Improved Performance

The automatic lubrication industry is always looking for ways to improve their products

This makes way for better performance of the lubrication solutions, providing lubrication faster and with more accuracy. Every day, more technology is produced and ALS products will benefit as a result.

At Lubecore, we are always looking out for new opportunities that improve our greasing solutions. 

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