The 5 Main Problems with Manual Lubrication on Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery needs proper lubrication

Proper lubrication is imperative to the maintenance of heavy machinery.

There are numerous companies that rely on this machinery working to the best of its ability, but often resort to manual lubrication to keep things running.

While it will still get the job done, there are a few issues with manual lubrication that might actually hinder the machines…

1. Lack Of Portion Control

Lubricating by hand means that the machines are at risk of being either over- or under-greased. 

Too much grease can cause a product to jam or damage the bearings, whereas not enough grease will create excessive heat and noises until the unit fails.

Both scenarios are going to necessitate more downtime and further maintenance to remedy the issue.

2. Increased Machine Downtime

Having to stop operations in order to send someone in to lubricate the heavy machinery ultimately means that less work will get done.

This counts for both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

Things will have to cease for the maintenance that is planned, as well as for any maintenance that is needed unexpectedly, sometimes due to improper greasing. 

3. Health and Safety Risks

When lubricating hard to reach bearings, safety becomes a major concern.

There are already numerous health and safety hazards in the worksites that use these types of machinery and adding manual lubrication tasks only add to them. 

4. Incorrect or Contaminated Lubricant

Incorrect, mixed or contaminated lubricant can cause some hefty problems if they are accidentally applied to a machine. 

If this does happen, you will have to take the time to remove and clean the area.

This doesn’t just stop operations, but can also be an expensive undertaking, which you will definitely want to avoid.

5. Lack of Timeliness

Life gets busy, so it is easy to get off schedule and neglect to lubricate when it is needed. 

Without automated timers to do the lubrication for you, you run the risk of going too long, or too short, without lubricant. This can do some serious damage to your machinery.

Unfortunately when it comes to manual lubrication, there is still the room for human error.

What Is The Alternative?

With an automatic lubrication system (ALS), these problems are solved on installation.

ALS will give the correct amount of grease, at the right time to the right places on its own automated timer, without having to stop operations. 

To get your hands on one of these fantastic products, contact the team at Lubecore today.