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Here’s Who Uses Automatic Lubricant Systems – Don’t Get Left Behind


Almost every industry is getting on board with Automatic Lubricant Systems (ALS)… the benefits are impressive and well known by businesses on the pulse. Manual greasing of vehicles and machinery is becoming trickier in key industries and many are realising how ALS can simplify maintenance and reduce machine downtime.  To make the point, here’s a… Read more »

The 8 Impressive Benefits Of Using an Automatic Lubricant System

Greasing Machine Parts ALS

When it comes to the maintenance of machinery and heavy vehicles, it’s not easy to manually deliver the correct lubricant at the right time to the right component. It takes time and a lot of labour.  But there are alternatives with impressive benefits… When installed, an Automatic Lubricant System (ALS) delivers timely and effective lubricant… Read more »

Why Manual Lubrication Is Essential For Your Machinery

Manual application of lubricant to truck

Most machine failures are caused by inadequate lubrication. if this essential activity isn’t adequately performed it will eventually result in major problems in terms of costs, safety and productivity for your businesses. To prolong the operational life of machine parts, it is essential to manually lubricate your machinery correctly and regularly. In this post, we… Read more »

What Is ALS? Your Ultimate Guide

Greasing machinery

Lubricating equipment properly ensures your valuable assets keep operating effectively and running costs are reduced. And while most of us understand what it means to manually lubricate machine parts, did you know there is a system that can do it automatically? It’s called Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS). In this article, we share our ultimate guide… Read more »

September Installation Showcase


Forsyth Transport Earlier this year Lex Forsyth from Forsyth Transport Took delivery of some very nice looking Kenworth T409’s and a couple of K200 Cab overs, from Bruce Barnes at Brown & Hurley, Yatala Branch.