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Here’s Who Uses Automatic Lubricant Systems – Don’t Get Left Behind


Almost every industry is getting on board with Automatic Lubricant Systems (ALS)… the benefits are impressive and well known by businesses on the pulse. Manual greasing of vehicles and machinery is becoming trickier in key industries and many are realising how ALS can simplify maintenance and reduce machine downtime.  To make the point, here’s a… Read more »

Automatic greasing systems and the environment


Given that automatic greasing systems help better maintain heavy vehicles and machinery, reducing wear and tear in the process, this results in greater efficiency across the board. It is the objective of Lubecore Australasia to offer systems that better protect your vehicles, your staff, and your business. As climate change and the way bigger businesses contribute… Read more »

Why automatic greasing systems matter


Whether you’re looking at heavy duty machinery or trucks/semi-trailer trucks, many of these require regular greasing/lubrication to be effectively maintained. Automatic greasing systems offer a technology with a number of benefits, but there are two key advantages that lead to greater machinery maintenance and help nurture a safer work environment.