The Benefits of an Automated Lubrication System

Any type of machinery is a complex piece of work to keep operating without incident.

InstallationOne of just many contributing factors that can lead to machinery failure or damage is incorrect or inferior lubrication. This is why automated lubrication systems, such as those provided by us at Lubecore, have become so important.

Any excessive friction that results from a lack of proper lubrication can lead to an unwanted disaster. Automated lubrication maintains machinery and its components on a consistent basis, keeping it in good condition, and ensuring that you don’t have to personally spend hours lubricating it yourself.

In today’s article, we’ve listed 7 benefits that an automated lubrication system can offer you.

1. With an automated lubrication system in place, your machinery is lubricated while it’s in operation. This means, the lubricant is equally distributed within the bearing, ensuring nothing is missed.

2. As a result of the equal distribution of lubricant, this means that all of your machinery’s most critical components will be taken care of, regardless of their location or ease of access.

3. Proper lubrication means that your machinery’s components will face less wear and tear. As a result, this effectively extends each components’ life. Lubrication also ensures you will face less breakdowns, that any downtime will be significantly reduced, replacement costs will decrease, and you’ll pay less on maintenance.

4. Another benefit of an automated lubrication system is that it ensures safe operation of the machinery, making your work environment safer in the process.

5. As the automated process of lubrication is ongoing, it means that your machinery will suffer less friction as a result. And with less friction comes lower energy consumption, which is always a good thing.

6. Automated lubrication removes the necessity for you or others to manually lubricate your own machinery. Given the complexity and potential points of danger a large percentage of machinery can have, by no longer having to handle the lubrication yourselves, you no longer need to be put in potentially dangerous situations.

7. Last but not least, automated lubrication is a precisely measured process, meaning that there is no needless waste or human error that could usually see you using up lubricant far quicker than necessary.

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