3 Transport Infrastructure Developments Shaping Queensland

QLD Transport Infrastructure

In this post, we talk about some major transport infrastructure developments here in Queensland, which impact many truck fleets and train lines – namely the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program, the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program and the Cross River Rail developments.

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Warrego Highway Upgrade Program

What? This highway is 796km long, connecting people and freight from Charleville to Ipswich.

Where? Seen as the principal east-west route in Queensland.

When? This program is broken into many mini-projects all having different life spans, some of which started in 2017 and are aimed to be completed by the end of this year and next (2019-2020).

Why? The improvements are essential to the region’s economic growth and will benefit the agriculture, resources and tourism industries. Upgrades will contribute to the nation’s productivity by increasing efficiency, safety and reliability of the National Land Transport Network.

Bruce Highway Upgrade Program

What? The Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is the largest road infrastructure program Queensland has ever seen. 

Where? All along the coastline of Queensland starting in Bald Hills, Brisbane and ending up north in Cairns.

When? Work already started in 2013 and the program is forecast to run up into 2023. As of March 2019, 22 major projects had been completed under the program including the delivery of:

  • 5 bridges
  • 27 new rest stops
  • 122km safer roadsides
  • 154km wide centreline treatments
  • Boundary Road interchange upgrade—(which was completed 6 months ahead of schedule).

Why? It is aimed at improving safety, flood resilience, and capacity along the length and breadth of the highway between Brisbane and Cairns. The Bruce Highway is already Queensland’s major north-south freight and commuter corridor, connecting coastal population centres from Brisbane to Cairns over a length of 1677km. It is also a vital part of the National Land Transport Network, providing linkages for west-east freight networks connecting a significant resource sector, and inland agriculture production areas to 11 coastal ports, and is a major tourism route.

Cross Rail

What? New railways that will deliver new services to stations at 5 key locations including Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, Roma Street and Exhibition showgrounds.

Where? A 10.2km rail link connecting Dutton Park in the south to Bowen Hills in the north, with 5.9km of tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD.

When? The Project is already in delivery with an extensive program of early works well progressed. Major construction works on Cross River Rail are due to be completed in 2024.

Why? It is vital for South East Queensland and its strategic importance is highlighted in the State Infrastructure Plan and South East Queensland’s Rail Horizon.This project promises to improve quality of life, help the economy keep growing, generate thousands of jobs and activate urban development, across the whole of South East Queensland.