Product Spotlight: Multiline Spyder

When it comes to maintaining heavy vehicles, you’ll never regret investing in an automatic lubrication system like the Multiline Spyder.

By installing this system, you’ll know the parts that need grease are getting it. 

Ultimately, this will reduce wear and tear, cut down on machine downtime and promote a safer work environment so your employees won’t have to worry about manually greasing the equipment themselves.

However, not all lubrication systems are created equal. At Lubecore, we have a range of different products aimed at servicing your equipment to the highest standard.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Multiline Spyder system

Multiline SpyderAbout The Spyder

The Multiline ‘Spyder’ Automatic Lubrication System provides continuous greasing to critical components to improve the safe operation of your equipment.

This is one of the lower cost products we have at Lubecore, but this doesn’t mean we skip on quality. 

The Spyder pump can save you a lot in maintenance costs as well as its installation as a result of its all-in one design.


The Multiline Spyder is designed to withstand corrosion, meaning it will still be functioning long after installation even in the most heavily corrosive conditions.

Both the Spyder’s pump and output elements are integrated and compact. This ensures that it can be easily fitted onto a range of machinery and installation will be simple and tidy.

Additionally, it is also fitted with an integrated timer that is simple to adjust for a wide range of applications, and can be externally activated by a magnet to commence a single pump cycle.

Typical Application

You can install the Multiline Spyder onto a variety of different vehicles and machinery types, including:

  • Mobile heavy equipment
  • Stationary equipment
  • Applications requiring EP-2
  • Mini equipment, curbside
  • Delivery vehicles

The Multiline Spyder automatic lubrication solution is jam-packed with benefits and comes complete with a 3 year warranty. 

If you want your machinery running smoothly for longer, Contact Lubecore today for more information on the Spyder, or any of our other impressive products.