Series Progressive

Typical Applications

Mobile heavy equipment
Stationary equipment
Applications requiring EP-2

Series Progressive systems present a two-stage value opportunity. For cost sensitive applications, Series Progressive divider valves can be implemented to centralise lubrication points and facilitate manual lubrication.

Alternatively, a pump can be installed to automate lubrication and continuously protect your equipment. The Series Progressive systems provide reliable delivery of a wide range of lubricants from NLGI Grade EP-00 to EP-2.

With extensive options, the Series Progressive systems can be tailored to your needs and provide the advantages you want.


  • Innovative pump designs incorporate a highly visible red follower plate, which keep contaminants and moisture out of the lubricant. This also provides the operator a quick indication of the lubricant level.
  • Highly functional timer can be programmed to the minute to ensure optimal lubrication. Timer also incorporates a real time clock, audible alarm, and reporting software to provide a history of the machine‚Äôs service life.
  • Optional features such as cycle indicator, automatic low level shut off, and operator communication test light warn the operator of system faults which helps prevent component wear.
  • Standard and adjustable divider valves are compact, durable, and ensure accurate lubrication of components.


Series Progressive Electric and Pneumatic

Series Progressive Electric Features and Benefits