Typical Applications

On-road machinery
Trucks and trailers
Vocational equipment

Parallel Systems enhance your preventative maintenance program and keeps your greaseable components in excellent condition – resulting in safe and reliable equipment performance.

The Parallel system utilises injectors which send a measured amount of grease to each point, this protects against under-greasing and over-greasing. The Parallel system is dependable, simple and robust which helps you get the most out of your investment.


  • Innovative pump design – Brass and Aluminum components ensure long-life in corrosive environments.
  • Large output capacity allows for a significant number of grease points (90+) to be serviced by a single pump.
  • Optional features such as pressure switch, automatic low level shut off, and operator communication test light warn the operator of system faults which helps prevent component wear.

Pump Options

Parallel Pneumatic Brochure
Parallel Pneumatic Features and Benefits