Multi-line Spyder

Typical Applications

Mobile heavy equipment
Stationary equipment
Applications requiring EP-2
Mini equipment, curbside
Delivery vehicles

The Multi-Line Spyder pump can be installed in various applications ranging from transport tractors and trailers, to skid steer loaders and mini-excavators and stationary equipment.

Utilizing the suitable size and style of tubing, this system is capable of handling a wide range of lubricants from NLGI Grade EP-0 through EP-2. There are seven elements to choose from to match the lubrication requirements of your machines.

They range in output from 0.01cc/stroke to 0.12cc/stroke. This customizable compact system provides generous benefits such as improved component life and reduced downtime.


  • Compact integrated pump and output elements keep installation simple and tidy.
  • Optimum corrosion protection due to material choices, corrosion protection process, and installation techniques.
  • Brass, aluminum, and plated steel components ensure long-life in corrosive environments.
  • Integrated timer is simple to adjust for a wide range of applications, and can be externally activated by a magnet to commence a single pump cycle.
  • Solid steel pump cam provides durability to maximize your investment.
  • Maximum of 24 lubrication points.


Multiline Spyder Marc 1

Multiline Spyder Marc 2