Lubrication Grease


Lubecore Steadylube Evolution Environmentally Friendly Grease Lubecore’s Steadylube Evolution EP0 grease has many advantages and is a true “evolution“.

Evolution Grease is environmentally friendly without a technical properties compromise. No Zinc or Sulfur is used to create the Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear (EP/AW) performance.

Save on Grease Usage

By adjusting the timing on your automatic lubrication system up 30 % (1.5 to 2 hours), each pound of grease will last 30 % longer. You will save $ 1.80 per pound. Your 44 pound pail of grease is the equivalent to 57.2 lbs of other greases.

The “operating price” of the Steadylube Evolution Grease is approximately $ 3.83 / lb compared to other non-environmental friendly greases with lesser specifications at often higher prices.

Save by filling the systems less often. This means less labor, fewer pail swaps, less waste to deal with, fewer pails with some grease left in the bottom saving $ and superb specifications saving $.

Spend less money on keeping your greasing systems filled and operating. Components will last even longer and the environment is saved in many ways.