Maintaining your machinery

maintenance-conceptAt Lubecore, one of the key purposes of the products and services we provide is to ensure that your trucks and machinery can have a longer life.

But while keeping your machinery properly lubricated is important to how long it ultimately keeps going for, there are other precautionary measures and simple steps you can take to better maintain your machinery and increase its life of operation.

Don’t push it

A good first step is to remember that no matter how big or indestructable your truck or heavy machinery appears to be, it is still sustainable to premature deterioration if you push it to do things it’s not supposed to do. It’s the same principle as your own car. Sure, it may have a speed range of up to 200km/hr, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to push it to that limit. It’s not about being overly cautious, it’s just about knowing what should and what shouldn’t be done. Proper operation of your vehicle will ensure it lasts longer.

Fix issues immediately

If you’re driving around and you start to notice an odd sound or perhaps that your drive is rougher than usual, this could be the first signs of your vehicle/machinery suffering from a mechanical issue. As soon as you notice any problem, take it in for a service. Not only is this approach likely to save you money, but it will prevent further issues from occurring. More times than not, a mechanical issue that is unresolved can lead to another problem, and then another in that classic domino effect.

Proper storage

Naturally, big rigs and heavy machinery are going to be much more resilient than your average road vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you should consider how to appropriately store it. When thinking of your car, you would often prefer to have it in a garage or at least under cover in a carport as opposed to sitting out in the open exposed to the elements.

While natural elements and severe storms may no spell any immediate disaster to heavy machinery, it can still do its part in damaging your vehicle, even if it’s only in an aesthetic sense. But imagine having a severe hailstorm that not only causes dents and smashes your windscreen, but it also bashes against your exhaust. It may only end up amounting to a few dents, but sometimes a few dents is all that’s needed to allow for further damage to occur with greater ease.


Last but not least, we couldn’t help but remind you of the value of investing in an automated lubrication system for your vehicle. Not only does it increase workplace safety, but consistent lubrication of your vehicle will reduce the amount of wear and tear it encounters throughout its operating life. As we mentioned, however, an automated lubrication system should be considered along with all the above maintenance tips.


If you would like to learn more about our range of automated lubrication systems and which ones could be the best options for your truck or heavy machinery, give us a call on (07) 3277 0980.