Is this the truck of the future?

When it comes to trucks and heavy vehicles, efforts are constantly being made to make them more fuel efficient and capable of travelling longer distances while reducing emissions.

Many factors go into achieving this, and one of these key facts is how aerodynamic a truck’s design is. The more aerodynamic a truck is, the less air resistance it will have to face and, as a result, the truck becomes more fuel efficient.

Well if you’re wondering what a more fuel efficient truck of the future could look like, Walmart answered this very question with its concept freight truck called W.A.V.E. (Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience), and it’s stated to be 20% more aerodynamic than the company’s current fleet of trucks.


Along with a substantially improved aerodynamic design, the W.A.V.E. also includes an advanced turbine powertrain and electrified auxiliary components (and more), which also contribute to far greater fuel efficiency, driver safety and reduced emissions.

Of course, like most concept vehicles, there’s always the potential that Walmart’s latest take on a futuristic freight truck may never make it to commercial production. However, concept vehicles still often provide a glimpse of the type of technologies and design principles that could be implemented in the future of vehicle manufacturing/production.

So even if the W.A.V.E. never does become a mass-produced vehicle, many of its bright ideas could help shape what we’ll see from freight trucks in the future.

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