Improve vehicle maintenance with Lubecore

lubecoreWhen it comes to heavy vehicles, maintaining them can be an often time consuming and costly task.

The more often your vehicles require a service or maintenance check-up, the more time your business is caught spending large sums of money while limiting the amount of work you can perform.

However, there are several ways in which you can keep your vehicles in better conditions. This, in turn, prolongs the life your vehicles, reduces the costs your business will face with repairs and/or replacements, and help prevent needless down time. One key way of improving their longevity is through using an automatic lubrication/greasing system.

Why use an automatic greasing system?

Almost all large, heavy vehicles require some degree of lubrication to keep them running properly. Lubrication (or greasing) helps reduce friction, which in turn helps slow down the associated wear and tear that can come with it. For the likes of freight trucks, warehouse machinery, fire enginesĀ and marine equipment, all of them can benefit from regular and thorough lubrication.

This is where an automatic greasing system presents fantastic benefits. Compared to manual application of machinery lubricants/grease, an automatic greasing system can be far more thorough. While lubrication in key areas of a heavy vehicle is certainly better than nothing, lubrication is most effective when it can be applied evenly across not just key areas, but all possible areas that could benefit from such an application.

With an automatic greasing system, lubrication is applied evenly and on to sections of heavy vehicles and machinery where the lubricant will then reach other areas often missed or too dangerous to be applied manually.

This is also another key advantage. Often, applying lubrication by hand can present potential workplace risks, particularly when it comes to heavy equipment. With an automatic greasing system, your employees do not have to be placed in any potentially dangerous situations.

As Lubecore offers a range of differently designed automatic greasing systems, it means we will have a variation that is right for your vehicle or machinery type. Not only do we offer systems for trucks and warehouse equipment, we can also offer solutions for fire engines, earthmoving equipment, marine equipment, and more.


If you would like to find out more about our range of automatic greasing systems, check out our products page or contact us.