The Importance of Automated Machinery Lubrication Systems in the Mining Industry

Mining ALS

Australia is a country rich in land resources. We’re a leading supplier of minerals and energy globally, which is why our mining industry is one of the most advanced in the world. In this post, we talk about how automatic lubrication systems (ALS) are beneficial within the mining industry.

For the vast quantities and processes involved in the mining industry, efficiency is key. Companies large and small in the industry are constantly developing new solutions and advanced technology to decrease cost and increase productivity.

This is where automatic lubrication systems come in. Automatic lubrication systems play a central role in preventing bearing failures in mining machinery, and it’s in this machinery that the mining industry relies most upon. This, in turn, improves operation management, and the sustainability and safety of mines. 

Mining Machinery Maintenance

Mining machinery suffers from tough environments and conditions. Extreme temperatures, contamination of bushings by dust, very heavy loads, long work rates, water ingress and intense pressures, all contribute to bearing failures and machinery deterioration.

Regular lubrication is crucial to maintaining the health of these machines. While choosing the right type of lubricant for individual mining application is important, picking the correct delivery technique is equally essential. Mining equipment and machines are constantly used in the field and lubrication can be a challenge. There’s a high risk of contaminants pooling at the lube point.

Stationary, refining and flotation machines, on the other hand, work without rest. These kinds of equipment, therefore, require automatic lubrication systems for precise and accurate lubrication. There are several lubrication points to consider across mining operations. It requires plenty of time to service them all. It can also be quite difficult to manage which ones are to be lubricated and when.

Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Mining Industry

One of the most recommended automatic lubrication systems for mining machines are single-point lubricators. They consistently lubricate every component, making sure that bearings, gear boxes and motors are effectively maintained even during operation periods.

For even more cost-effective operations and better management of mining equipment, a multi-point mining lubrication system is recommended. This system can lubricate up to 12 lube points in one single unit and they also offer a more compact and cost-efficient substitute to central lubrication systems. In addition, they enable up to 10 meters of lubrication lines to run. This protects maintenance operatives as they can stay in a safe working area while running service in hazardous, inaccessible and underwater lubrication points.

Australia’s Mining Sector

Australia’s mining industry is expected to accelerate in the next financial years according to a forecast from BIS Oxford Economics. From 2017 to 2032, reports say that mining exploration, production and maintenance are all going to increase significantly.

With the tremendous investment boom in the mining industry globally, Australia is expected to be one of the major LNG exporters of oil and gas by 2022. Automatic lubrication systems is essential for mining vehicles as production and demand increase.