How the Construction Industry Has Embraced Automatic Lubricant Systems

construction worker maintainence

In construction, maintaining lubrication of heavy machinery is critical for getting the job done. 

All construction equipment, from dump trucks to concrete mixers to shovels, is subject to harsh conditions. Exposure to extreme cold or heat, moisture, dust and dirt can hurt lubricant performance and lead to premature equipment failure.

Manual greasing of vehicles and machinery can be difficult and time-consuming. Equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts result in costly repairs…

So, in response to these difficulties, many in the construction industry are turning to automatic lubricant systems (ALS) instead

An ALS lubricates continuously while the machinery is working. This increases efficiency as there is no need to stop machinery.

ALS simplifies maintenance and decreases machine downtime. 

The benefits of installing ALS on construction equipment include:

  • Reducing component replacement costs by maintaining a continuous film of lubricant at key points
  • Improving employee safety by reducing the hazard of trying to reach difficult grease point locations on dirty equipment
  • Decreasing the environmental impact by applying the right amount of lubricant rather than purging a point until grease drips on the ground
  • Increasing revenue by increasing the workable hours of the equipment

ALS has other applications for construction, including:

  • Maintaining concrete pumps
  • Withstanding harsh outdoor working conditions & climate
  • Increasing employee efficiency
  • Reducing wasted grease

The benefits of installing an Automatic Lubricant System on almost any type of machinery are impressive and well worth considering…

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