How Lubecore Keeps Your Trucks and Earthmovers In Working Order


Think of Lubecore’s Automated Lubrication System (ALS) as an investment in your valuable vehicles. By providing constant & consistent lubrication to components, the system effectively keeps trucks and earthmovers in top working order while reducing downtime.

In this post, we outline how Lubecore keeps your trucks and earthmovers in working order.

Lubecore are specialists in Automatic Lubrication Systems; and experts in its installation and servicing which keeps vehicles operating effectively by:

  • Eliminating the human element. An ALS removes the need to manually grease components.
  • ALS is a much better option than manual methods.
  • ALS allows extended time between vehicle maintenance episodes, which leads to less downtime.
  • Improving the performance of brake components creating a safer operating environment and minimising costly incidents.
  • Ensuring components are properly greased so they work at their optimum level for longer.
  • Offering compact ALS solutions that can be installed in tight areas which are difficult to manually grease.
  • Offering customisable installation systems and methods that allow for proper lubrication on even tough to reach points.

Lubecore products keep your equipment safely running for longer by:

  • Reducing component replacement costs by maintaining a continuous film of lubricant at key points.
  • Improving employee safety by reducing the hazard of having to grease difficult to reach locations.
  • Reducing environmental impacts by using less grease by supplying the right amount of lubricant to components.
  • Increased revenue by increasing the workable hours of the equipment.
  • Offering heavy duty installation options to increase the longevity of ALS used on heavy machinery which will increase the ROI over a longer period of time.

The Automatic Low Level Shutoff Switch will stop the pump from cycling once the grease in the reservoir has reached the minimum level. This helps to keep your vehicles in working order  in multiple ways:

  • No need to worry about pumps running empty. The system automatically controls lubricant levels, so equipment can work for longer uninterrupted periods without concern of the grease pump running empty.
  • No bleeding reduces several service episodes and associated costs. 
  • The timer records the maintenance history of the pump, providing valuable information that can be used for resale of the equipment.

Lubecore supplies and installs automatic greasing systems for heavy vehicles, earthmovers and plant equipment. By providing constant & consistent lubrication to components, vehicles are kept in top working order.

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