Why should I change?

Guarenteed residual value of the grease system.
Lubecore offers re-installs of greasing systems. We commit to reinstall your system bringing the average per system down by an average of 25 to 50%.

Changing is not difficult
Switching from Groneveld to Lubecore or from Lincoln to Lubecore or from SKF to Lubecore is easy. Lubecore is compatible and has parts to accommodate all systems. A transition from another system to Lubecore will be easy because it can be done at the speed you feel comfortable. You can ease into it by replacing small parts and then start to replace larger components as they fail for far less cost to you.

Groeneveld EP-0 Timer replacement cost is $450.00.
Lubecore EP0 Programmable Tractor Timer replacement cost is $257.50.

Systems have the same operating principal
Single line on pressure to deliver grease, off pressure to reset. This is not a new concept to learn or understand.

Electronic Timer with adjustable interval
The Lubecore timer can easily be programmed by using the Dongle connector to adjust it to your specific needs.The data can easily be collected and evaluated to ensure the system is operating properly within your PM schedule parameters.

Mechanics will not need to learn a new concept
The principle of automatic lubrication is the same. Your mechanics are already trained and familiar with how the concept works so there will not be a learning curve for them.

Parts are compatible
We can supply you with compatible parts for you existing systems. You can do so easily by using our cross reference sheet attached.

Lubecore will provide support
We can support your CPL or Lincoln system or any other system you have with our technical knowledge and parts compatibility.

Lubecore is easy to do business with
Locals doing business with locals. Lubecore is in your neighborhood and we want to support you.