Examples of ALS Applications

Did you know ALS Applications are everywhere? Gotta plane to catch, they’ll certainly need an ALS. Gotta train to ride, they’ll probably also have an ALS too. Pretty much anything with transport or plant equipment with the intent to move can win from it. But what exactly is it? In this post, we share just a few awesome ways we’ve seen clients use our ALS in an application.


As the first category for different types of applications, let’s go into transportation. Transportation could range from a myriad of different vehicles, including highway Tractor, Straight Truck, Trailers from Tandem to Multi-Axle, Dump Trucks & Stone slingers.

In this example, we’ll go with dump trucks. There are many types of dump trucks, one of which is called an ‘articulated hauler’.  Major manufacturers include Volvo CE, Terex, John Deere and Caterpillar.  Lubecore automated lubrication solutions allow for extended time between vehicle maintenance episodes.

2. Heavy Equipment

Next, we come across heavy equipment, which is well-known for wheel loaders. Top manufacturers are by Case, CAT, Deere, Doosan, Hyundai, JCB, Kawasaki, Komatsu and Volvo. One of the benefits is that reduce component replacement costs by maintaining a continuous film of lubricant at key points.

3. Stationary Equipment

Our third example is Stationary equipment, in particular, printing machinery lubrication systems. Lubecore’s multiple pump sizes help extend refill intervals as well as increase system capacity in some instances.

4. Mini-equipment

Our next example is Small Loaders. Properly greased components in small loaders last longer, meaning your equipment works harder for you.

5. Smaller Vehicles

Smaller vehicles, like courier vehicles, are our 5th example. Lubecore systems allow you to minimise service calls and repairs, allowing the vehicles to stay on the road doing what they need to do.

6. Agricultural

This example includes tractors and combines that show customizable installation methods, which allow for proper lubrication on even the toughest to reach or service lubrication points.

7. Government Fleets

This encompasses state vehicles like snow plows, sweepers, wheel loaders and motor graders. These types of government fleets can also increase operator safety through improved brake performance and effective automated lubrication.

8. Waste & Recycling

And finally, Collection, Post Collection and Material Recycling Facilities. Remember… properly greased components last longer meaning your equipment works harder for you.