Electric Truck Lineup 2018

Electric Truck Lineup 2018

Electric vehicles aren’t new, but long-haul electric trucks have been making a big impact on the truck market the past couple of years and even more are coming into the forefront this year. In this post, we go through an electric truck lineup for the rest of 2018.


Their own truck lineup spans just about every aspect of the industry — with the inclusion of garbage/refuse trucks, street sweepers, sprinkling trucks, refrigerated trucks for hazardous waste transfer, etc.

Their electric fleet claims that collection, disposal, and transportation services will all be provided for — while reducing air pollution, noise, and operating costs. One of which is the 16-metre, Class 8 all-electric truck. The units possess a single-charge range of 148 kilometres; a gross combination weight rating of around 54,000 kgs; and onboard hybrid refrigerated trailers.


The company is currently working on a Class 7 Electric Truck Prototype called ‘AEOS’. The truck would have a 100-mile range, a 145 kWh battery pack, and a 22-ton haulage capacity. The model uses a 140 kW fast charger, allowing for a recharge time of only an hour, according to the company.


The E-Fuso Vision One is a still a prototype truck which will be outfitted with a 300 kWh battery pack. It will feature a range of 350 kilometers and a cargo capacity of 11 tons (around 2 less than a comparable diesel truck).

Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI)

They offer a number of plug-in and all-election retrofits for various medium and heavy-duty truck applications worldwide. It seems to be more popular in China where the adoption of plug-in electric truck technologies are more common than in other places (due to air pollution and increasingly rigid restrictions). They are known for their Class 8, 3-ton plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) cement mixer trucks which represent the world’s first class 8, zero-emissions-capable cement mixer truck in the world.

Nikola One

According to statements made to the press, Nikola One will be releasing a Class 8 semi truck. The truck will be based around the use of a custom-built hydrogen-electric 800V fuel cell drivetrain. The plan is reportedly for a launch by 2021. The offering will, according to the company, feature a range of up to 1,900km and a fuel economy rating of around 20 MPGe.

Orange EV

These all-electric terminal trucks are known for their low operating costs and non-existent emissions. They are well-known for their T-series Yard Truck . The company currently offers a number of different configurations, suited to meet the needs of different sites while remaining economical. The orders from RMS, for instance, were of the Extended Duty (160 kilowatt-hour/kWh battery pack outfitted) versions — composed of galvanized frames. The options are there to adjust for on-road or off-road use, and for standard onboard charging or off-board fast charging.


The Tesla Semi will officially be release at the beginning of 2019 and will reportedly be able to charge from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes — potentially making the model practical for long-haul use, so long as a comprehensive fast-charging network is built first. Semi truck drivers will be required to stop for breaks more and more as safety monitoring efforts increase over the coming years, but the long-haul capability still only makes sense if the “megachargers” are located conveniently along routes the truckers are driving.

What do you think of the new electric trucks?