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Examples of ALS Applications

Did you know ALS Applications are everywhere? Gotta plane to catch, they’ll certainly need an ALS. Gotta train to ride, they’ll probably also have an ALS too. Pretty much anything with transport or plant equipment with the intent to move can win from it. But what exactly is it? In this post, we share just… Read more »

The Key to Preventative Maintenance Schedules with ALS

Preventative Maintenance

An Automated Lubrication System (ALS) is very important to any preventative maintenance (PM) program for heavy equipment, machines or trucks. However, there is still a human component in designing a preventative maintenance program, but an ALS will greatly reduce the time taken on lubrication checks and much of the hands-on work.

ALS for Off-Highway Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Lubrication is integral in keeping large machinery and trucks running smoothly, and helps ensure the longevity of many types of agricultural, construction and mining machinery. In this post, we discuss Automatic Lubrication Systems and their influence on off-highway machinery or heavy equipment. How does an ALS work? Automatic lubrication systems (ALS) deliver controlled amounts of… Read more »

2019 Trends in Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS)

Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS) itself is the biggest trend in preventative maintenance in everything from truck fleets, the mining industry, the agricultural industry, the construction industry, even for government vehicles and machinery. In this post, we take a closer look at trends in ALS in 2019 and share some stats that may get you thinking… Read more »

5 Ways Automated Lubrication Is Better Than Manual Methods

Why choose automatic machine components when manual methods do just fine?  Manual lubrication has been used for a long time, but just because something’s been done for so long doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. Considering how beneficial it is compared to manual methods, automatic lubrication systems are the better option. Not only when… Read more »

What Happens to Grease/Lubrication Waste?

Not many people know that lubrication systems manufacturers and suppliers are doing their bit to help the environment in an ingenious way.  As we discussed in one of our previous posts, they do so through relatively obscure but surprisingly eco-friendly machine components.  Called automatic waste grease lubrication systems, those significantly advantageous machine parts keep other… Read more »

5 Industries That Rely On Automatic Greasing Systems (ALS)

Automatic Greasing Systems

Automatic greasing systems are indispensable to practically every industry. As we all know, ALS’ are designed to reduce friction and heat in moving components. This helps reduce excess wear and tear, prolonging the life and efficiency of vehicles and machinery. Since almost all industries need machines to run smoothly, ALS is a integral part of… Read more »

Automatic Waste Grease Lubrication Systems

waste grease

We introduce automatic waste grease lubrication systems—some of the least common automatic grease lubrication systems—by explaining what they are as well as highlighting their benefits and applications.