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Product Spotlight: Multiline Spyder

When it comes to maintaining heavy vehicles, you’ll never regret investing in an automatic lubrication system like the Multiline Spyder. By installing this system, you’ll know the parts that need grease are getting it.  Ultimately, this will reduce wear and tear, cut down on machine downtime and promote a safer work environment so your employees… Read more »

Reduce Machine Downtime With Automatic Lubricated Systems

Reducing machine downtime can help drastically improve productivity at work and the best way to do this is smart maintenance.  With an Automatic Lubrication System, you’ll spend less time on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and have the peace of mind that your heavy machinery and plant equipment has grease where it needs to. Read on… Read more »

4 Questions To Ask Before Installing ALS

Installing an Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) is vital to keep machinery running smoothly for longer. The benefits of ALS are numerous and impressive which is why many in agriculture, mining and construction are making the switch.  At Lubecore, we know that not all systems are the same. Here are the four questions you should be… Read more »

How ALS Keeps Your Heavy Machinery In Working Order

ALS Trucks

An ALS (Automatic Lubrication System) delivers controlled amounts of lubricant or grease to necessary areas over certain time intervals. This keeps heavy machinery operational, can save on repair downtime and helps protect parts against future failure. With an ALS, the lubricant is able to be applied right where it’s needed and also when, while the… Read more »

A Closer Look at the Parallel Lubrication System

At Lubecore, it is our objective to provide our customers with the best automated lubrication systems available for trucks and heavy machinery. In this post, we take a closer look at the Parallel Lubrication System.

Manual vs Automatic Lubrication For Machinery

manual vs auto

Modern production facilities, tech companies, and assembly lines are veering away from corrective maintenance and now going for preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for equipment breakdown before doing a corrective fix, employees are now encouraged to perform preventive actions. In this post, we compare automatic lubrication systems to manual practices for lubricating your vehicles or… Read more »

The Holidays: The Perfect Time For ALS Maintenance

Many businesses in the trucking and construction industry can experience on-the-job accidents that are the result of improper machinery maintenance. What better time to check your vehicles and machinery safety protocol and preventative maintenance than the holidays? In this post, we discuss why the holidays are the perfect season for maintenance and to consider installing… Read more »

Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Army

Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Army

To efficiently carry out their duties and responsibilities, the ADF need to be equipped with the latest in technology, whether its artillery, equipment, or vehicles. When it comes to Army vehicles, a well-maintained, mint condition fleet is essential for smooth tactical training and operations. This is where Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS) become a vital part… Read more »