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Brisbane Truck Show

At Lubecore Australasia, we, along with our clients, love trucks. In this post, we want to share a quick write-up about this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.  Held this past May and set to return again in May 2021, the Brisbane Truck Show was recently acknowledged by Australia Event Awards, winning Australia’s Best Corporate Event and… Read more »

The Key to Preventative Maintenance Schedules with ALS

Preventative Maintenance

An Automated Lubrication System (ALS) is very important to any preventative maintenance (PM) program for heavy equipment, machines or trucks. However, there is still a human component in designing a preventative maintenance program, but an ALS will greatly reduce the time taken on lubrication checks and much of the hands-on work.

3 Transport Infrastructure Developments Shaping Queensland

QLD Transport Infrastructure

In this post, we talk about some major transport infrastructure developments here in Queensland, which impact many truck fleets and train lines – namely the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program, the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program and the Cross River Rail developments. If your fleet is in need of ALS (Automatic Lubrication Systems), get in touch with… Read more »

Are Self-Driving Trucks a Viable Option in Australia?

For almost a decade now, robotic trucks have been hauling dirt and iron ore from mines and traveling through the Australian outback. However, due to their simple automation system, they are not allowed to traverse the highways and public roads because of a possible cause for accidents. But now it’s official. Self-driving vehicles are here. While road… Read more »

The Best Big Rig Manufacturers in 2018

Best Big Rig Manufacturers

In this post, we pick the best rig makers on the market for 2018 – considering practicality, model, function, design, price, and its popularity among truck drivers themselves. Choosing the best and most appropriate truck for your business will not only enhance productivity, but it will also save you money in the long run. 

The Emerging Issue of Truck Driver Shortages in Australia

Truck Driver Shortages

Long Haul Trucks or Big Rigs are part of a huge industry in Australia, providing transport and logistics for areas such as construction, commerce and food. But there is still a common problem that the industry has been facing in current years. In Australia, the shortage in the number of truck drivers is seen as a… Read more »

Electric Truck Lineup 2018

Electric Truck Lineup 2018

Electric vehicles aren’t new, but long-haul electric trucks have been making a big impact on the truck market the past couple of years and even more are coming into the forefront this year. In this post, we go through an electric truck lineup for the rest of 2018.

Global Growth of Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS)

Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS)

The Global Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) has greatly improved and increased in the past decade – but as a business owner or fleet manager what does that mean? In this post, we talk about ALS in terms of global growth and its relation to business owners and fleet managers today.

New Year, New Truck Maintenance Programs

new year truck maintenance

New Year resolutions – everyone has them. Whether it’s something more personal like drinking less beer or trying to get to the gym more often, we all have intentions that we hope to resolve throughout the year. From a business point of view, managing a fleet of trucks to be more specific, what would your… Read more »