Can Agricultural Machinery Benefit From ALS?

Can agricultural machinery benefit from an ALS?

Farming equipment is the lifeblood of the agriculture industry. Productivity and livelihoods depend on machinery, so maintaining their optimal condition is imperative.

From tractors, vacuum pumps, trucks, sprayers, field cultivators, cutters, shredders etc., all of these are constantly put to high volume and pressure use, not to mention exposed to the harsh conditions and weather here in Australia.

Of an equipment’s various parts, the bearings and gearboxes are most commonly affected by poor lubrication. Exposed to extreme weather conditions and varying environments, it’s no wonder that these parts easily get rusty and are prone to corrosion. When this happens, bearing life is shortened, and in turn, the equipment’s life is shortened.

Automatic lubrications systems (ALS) automatically lubricates agricultural machinery and monitors machines so they receive precise amounts of lubricants in critical lubrication points. An ALS can deliver lubrication to farm equipment and machines while they’re working, not interrupting work operations.

The ALS has five basic parts:

  • Controller – which is in-charge of activating the entire system
  • Reservoir and pump – where the lubricant is pooled and pumped
  • Supply line – where the lubricant passes through the entire system
  • Metering valve – which measures and distributes the lubrication to critical points
  • Feed lines – which joins the meter valves to the application points

Unlike traditional manual lubrication methods, ALS is cost effective and labour saving. It’s also an effective method to avoid grease contamination and eliminates safety hazards. More importantly, an ALS prevents under or over lubrication – one of the major causes of bearing failures.


  • Minimises mechanical downtime
  • Cuts down operational costs
  • Increases equipment service life
  • Lessens incidence of component failure
  • Optimises manpower resources
  • Up’s the resale value of agricultural machines

Three things to consider:

The right automatic lubrication system not only keeps your machinery at their best condition, but it can significantly impact your operations – minimising downtime, boosting production and promoting overall profitability.

With these in mind, it is imperative to choose the right provider of the ALS to meet your agricultural requirements. Here are a few criteria to assist you in making the right choice:

  • Comprehensive lubrication program – the automatic lubrication system is just a part of the entire lubrication program. Beyond this, you must look into – knowledge of equipment, know-how in the application of the system in various agricultural equipment, and certified professionals who can implement the program.
  • Quality of lubricants – the kind of lubricant you use is important. Lubecore provides grease that is environmentally friendly without the technical properties compromised. No Zinc or Sulfur is used to create the Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear (EP/AW) performance.
  • Custom lubrication solution for your specific requirements – every agricultural company has specific requirements. Lubecore can provide a custom lubrication solution for your particular range of equipment, complete with price quotations when necessary.

Make sure your agricultural equipment stays in tiptop shape and you can tick one integral thing off your list, automatic equipment lubrication.