Dealing with potential risks on your farm


As part of Lubecore’s host of automatic greasing system solutions, we offer these products across a range of industries and machinery, including agricultural equipment. There’s no denying that the farming/agricultural industry is integral to Australia, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. One alarming statistic shows that the number of unintentional deaths… Read more »

Unique truck designs


At Lubecore, we’re familiar with kitting out trucks with the latest automatic greasing system solutions and have seen some great truck art during our time in business. Across the world, however, there are moments where the design of a truck is taken up a notch, with everything from external light shows to designs that would… Read more »

Things to do in Australia in the colder months


The final month of autumn is almost upon us here in Australia, and the ever-decreasing temperatures open up a host of new experiences to be had throughout the country. As a company that provides automatic greasing systems for those who spend their time on the road, we believe there’s nothing quite like travelling across this… Read more »

Why automatic greasing systems matter


Whether you’re looking at heavy duty machinery or trucks/semi-trailer trucks, many of these require regular greasing/lubrication to be effectively maintained. Automatic greasing systems offer a technology with a number of benefits, but there are two key advantages that lead to greater machinery maintenance and help nurture a safer work environment.