5 essential tips for new drivers


So you’ve just officially passed your driving test and now have your licence. It’s a monumental day, but it’s also the first day where you’ll be able to drive a vehicle by yourself. This can be a slightly confronting thought at first – knowing there’s no one there to back you up if you make… Read more »

Driving when a storm hits: what you should do


As we return to the warmer months of the year, this also means that many parts of Australia will have a higher likelihood of facing more severe storms. While a certain degree of preparation can always be achieved, sometimes storms can hit suddenly and take us by surprise. If you happen to be driving when… Read more »

4 upcoming events perfect for auto lovers


At Lubecore, we truly appreciate the passion that people can have for their vehicles, be it a truck, car, motorbike, or otherwise. If you’re an avid car, truck, or motorbike lover (or just an auto lover in general), then you probably like the idea of checking out events where people push their vehicles to the… Read more »

Interesting and funny road rules from around the world


We all know that road rules exist in the name of keeping us safer on the road. But for all of the well-known rules out there, sometimes there are rules that don’t tend to get as much attention, even though they’re just as important. Other times there are road rules so specific, interesting, ridiculous or questionable… Read more »