Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems For Earthmoving Equipment

Automatic Earthmoving Grease Lubrication Systems

Grease isn’t a word that normally makes people think of nice things. Some of the things that would pop right in our minds as soon as we hear it are greasy food, greasy hair and greasy fingers. But grease isn’t such a bad thing. It can be surprisingly useful. In fact, there are many ways… Read more »

Manual vs Automatic Lubrication For Machinery

manual vs auto

Modern production facilities, tech companies, and assembly lines are veering away from corrective maintenance and now going for preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for equipment breakdown before doing a corrective fix, employees are now encouraged to perform preventive actions. In this post, we compare automatic lubrication systems to manual practices for lubricating your vehicles or… Read more »

The Benefits of Installing ALS On Your Trailer


In this post, we dive deep into the use of automatic lubrication systems in truck-related operations, particularly for trailers, and the benefits that can be gained from installing ALS. A good trailer is built solid, large truck trailers are made to pull loads up to 1.5 million km before needing to be replaced. But that doesn’t… Read more »

Unique Road Rules Around the World

Abiding by the rules is one way that helps keep motorists safe on the road. It not only keeps you safe, but it also protects other road users. Some road rules, however, seem more reasonable than others. In this post, we share some of the more unique road rules around the world. 

The Strengths & Weaknesses of Hybrid Trucks

Hybrid Trucks

In this post, we take a closer look at hybrid trucks. Hybrid trucks are heavy vehicles which utilise hybrid electric technology instead of a combustion engine to power its movement.

Truck Driver Health Tips (Starting the New Year Healthy)

Truck Driver Health Tips

Truck drivers don’t have it easy. Aside from being away from home for long periods of time and often a rigorous workload, they are also more prone to various health hazards. This is because the nature of the work can make it difficult for drivers to live a healthy lifestyle. They sit for long hours,… Read more »

The Holidays: The Perfect Time For ALS Maintenance

Many businesses in the trucking and construction industry can experience on-the-job accidents that are the result of improper machinery maintenance. What better time to check your vehicles and machinery safety protocol and preventative maintenance than the holidays? In this post, we discuss why the holidays are the perfect season for maintenance and to consider installing… Read more »

The Best Christmas Parades in Queensland

Christmas Parades in Queensland

We look into some of the best Christmas Parades in Queensland and around the world. All around Brisbane city giant Christmas trees, wonderful decorations, Christmas songs and colourful lights can be seen and heard. With the festive season starting, free activities and entertainment are popping up all over the place. One of the festivities people are looking… Read more »

Are Self-Driving Trucks a Viable Option in Australia?

For almost a decade now, robotic trucks have been hauling dirt and iron ore from mines and traveling through the Australian outback. However, due to their simple automation system, they are not allowed to traverse the highways and public roads because of a possible cause for accidents. But now it’s official. Self-driving vehicles are here. While road… Read more »

The Effects of Improper Machinery Lubrication

Improper machinery Lubrication

Proper lubrication is integral to equipment maintenance. Every day, industries all over the world use lubricants to keep their machinery (and businesses) running smoothly. By reducing friction, things like bearing systems and rolling elements are kept in tiptop shape.