Top 5 Largest Mining Vehicles

If your work involves heavy vehicles and equipment, then you’ll know that regular maintenance is vital in keeping your operations running safely and reliably. However, ‘heavy’ is somewhat of an understatement with respect to what you’ll typically find in the world of mining.

The safety benefits of machinery lubrication


All heavy machinery requires several points of maintenance to continue running successfully and to maintain a long life.

One key factor achieving this is through applying lubrication to different sections of the machinery to ensure that friction does not occur and, as a result, prevent unnecessary early damage that could lead to further problems down the road.

With automated lubrication systems, you can maintain your machinery and encourage a safe work culture in two ways.

LNP to Invest in Mining Exploration


As the mining industry is such a large source for Australia’s overall economic well being, the Coalition has stated that one of its policies while in office will be to take steps to help grow the industry and boost operations and employment numbers.

The Benefits of an Automated Lubrication System

One of just many contributing factors that can lead to machinery failure or damage is incorrect or inferior lubrication. This is why automated lubrication systems, such as those provided by us at Lubecore, have become so important.