What Happens to Grease/Lubrication Waste?


Not many people know that lubrication systems manufacturers and suppliers are doing their bit to help the environment in an ingenious way.  As we discussed in one of our previous posts, they do so through relatively obscure but surprisingly eco-friendly machine components.  Called automatic waste grease lubrication systems, those significantly advantageous machine parts keep other… Read more »

5 Industries That Rely On Automatic Greasing Systems (ALS)

Automatic Greasing Systems

Automatic greasing systems are indispensable to practically every industry. As we all know, ALS’ are designed to reduce friction and heat in moving components. This helps reduce excess wear and tear, prolonging the life and efficiency of vehicles and machinery. Since almost all industries need machines to run smoothly, ALS is a integral part of… Read more »

Automatic Waste Grease Lubrication Systems

waste grease

We introduce automatic waste grease lubrication systems—some of the least common automatic grease lubrication systems—by explaining what they are as well as highlighting their benefits and applications.

7 Most Important Uses of Earthmoving Equipment

earthmoving use

Automatic lubrication systems are made to deliver lubricant in controlled amounts to various locations on machines while they’re in operation. This helps them to work smoothly and keep them in good condition. These systems are installed in many earth moving machines, which are hard working and high impact machines, moving large amounts of earth and… Read more »

The Australian Sugar Cane Industry in 2019

sugar cane industry

Sugar cane equipment grease lubrication systems are some of the most important machine components many people haven’t heard of. Without these, Australia’s sugar cane industry wouldn’t be able to continue being one of the countries key industries.

Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems For Earthmoving Equipment

Automatic Earthmoving Grease Lubrication Systems

Grease isn’t a word that normally makes people think of nice things. Some of the things that would pop right in our minds as soon as we hear it are greasy food, greasy hair and greasy fingers. But grease isn’t such a bad thing. It can be surprisingly useful. In fact, there are many ways… Read more »

Manual vs Automatic Lubrication For Machinery

manual vs auto

Modern production facilities, tech companies, and assembly lines are veering away from corrective maintenance and now going for preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for equipment breakdown before doing a corrective fix, employees are now encouraged to perform preventive actions. In this post, we compare automatic lubrication systems to manual practices for lubricating your vehicles or… Read more »

The Benefits of Installing ALS On Your Trailer


In this post, we dive deep into the use of automatic lubrication systems in truck-related operations, particularly for trailers, and the benefits that can be gained from installing ALS. A good trailer is built solid, large truck trailers are made to pull loads up to 1.5 million km before needing to be replaced. But that doesn’t… Read more »

Unique Road Rules Around the World

Unqiue Road Rules

Abiding by the rules is one way that helps keep motorists safe on the road. It not only keeps you safe, but it also protects other road users. Some road rules, however, seem more reasonable than others. In this post, we share some of the more unique road rules around the world.