How Trailers Benefit from Automatic Grease Lubrication

Trailers can differ in size, construction, and use, but the one thing they have in common is that they are usually not considered as “important” as the main towing vehicle when it comes to maintenance and performance.

But not only is a well maintained trailer a must for safety, it also ensures that the trailer and vehicle work more efficiently together. Aside from personal use, trailers are indispensable in a number of businesses and industries, as they helps to transport produce, goods, materials, and even other vehicles. In this post, we talk about how trailers can benefit from automatic trailer grease lubrication systems.

Trailer Types

Trailers come in various sizes for different purposes – small or large, open or covered, and even personalised to address the specific need of a business or industry. There are semi-trailers, livestock trailers, boat trailers, motorcycle trailers, small road trailers, and so on.

A trailer is classified according to size, purpose, number of axles/axle groups, and aggregate trailer mass (ATM). All of these trailer types qualify a specific standard classification.

Identifying the type of trailer is a must since registration is required in Australia. In addition, each Australian state has a unique set of requirements for their registration. All information pertaining to the license and registration of trailers are outlined on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website.

Uses of Trailers

Trailers, according to their type, can be used in various businesses/industries, this include but are not limited to:

  • Moving and relocation
  • Moving appliances and furniture services
  • Cargo transport and logistics
  • Vehicle hauling and towing
  • Recreational vehicle transport
  • Livestock transport
  • Lawn care, mowing and garden maintenance
  • Waste collection and removal services

How Automatic Trailer Grease Lubrication Systems Help

Trailers are an investment and keeping them in tiptop shape is part and parcel of preserving this investment – and also for government compliance and registration purposes. One of the best ways to maintain your trailer is to lubricate the components properly.

Dirt, dust and water are the usual culprit of the wear and tear of a trailer’s moving parts. This debris can cause friction and rust in the long run. Constant and proper lubrication of these moving parts helps keep friction and rust away.

Applying grease manually or by using a grease gun (while doable) is quite impractical and time consuming. The best way to lubricate trailers, particularly on a large scale for your business, is to use automatic trailer grease lubrication systems.

As the name implies, automatic greasers come with connected tubes that distribute the lubricant evenly throughout all parts of a trailer while it is moving. The greatest advantage of using an automatic lubrication system is that all the moving parts of the trailer get equal lubrication and a regular, small amount applied through the autogreaser.

The use of automatic trailer grease lubrication systems has shown to extend bearing life in machines, and trailers are no exception. In addition, it is an efficient and cost-effective way of lubricating saving you money in the long-run.

If trailers are the lifeblood of your business, it’s important that they’re taken care of properly. Whether you’re in the towing or moving business, an automatic trailer grease lubrication system is a good choice to keep your vehicle in premium working condition.