Automatic Waste Grease Lubrication Systems

waste grease

We introduce automatic waste grease lubrication systems—some of the least common automatic grease lubrication systems—by explaining what they are as well as highlighting their benefits and applications.

Of the many different types of automatic grease lubrication systems, waste grease systems are probably the least understood.

Why is that? Well, for starters, the idea of “waste” grease puts people off. Waste can be seen as a negative word – like trash or rubbish – but waste grease plays a big part in many types of automatic grease lubrication system, which are important to several industries.

They are referred to as waste grease systems because they use a fluid that many would otherwise throw away, but it is actually quite effective as a lubricant after being put through a special process.

Read on to learn all about automatic waste grease lubrication systems, including what they are, their benefits, their applications and how these little-known automatic grease lubrication systems help more than a few industries operate.

What are automatic waste grease lubrication systems, exactly?

Automatic waste grease lubrication systems work just like any regular automatic grease lubrication system, except they use an unique kind of lubricant.

Waste grease.

Wait, isn’t waste grease bad? Yes and no.

Yes, because waste grease, or the grease that’s created by frying, broiling or grilling food and disposed in grease traps, shouldn’t be used in any machine.

But also no, because waste grease can become useful again after being recycled.

Recycled waste grease is called biofuel. According to the Biofuels Association of Australia, the two main types of biofuel produced in the country are biodiesel and bioethanol. Biodiesel is used as a replacement for diesel while bioethanol is used as a replacement for petrol. Both generate much less carbon emissions and are sustainable fuel sources. Nearly 300 megalitres of them are produced in the country every year.

The grease typically used as lubricant in automatic lubrication systems is made up of petroleum oil. It eventually degrades and deteriorates, so it has to be replaced regularly to make sure the automatic grease lubrication systems that use them keep working properly.

You can choose grease that is recycled and biodegradable, making a perfect lubricant for automatic waste grease lubrication systems. It cuts down on the wastage from these systems, while delivering the same level of support to industries as any other grease.

Automatic Lubrication Systems Benefits

Your equipment and vehicles will last longer and work harder for you.

No matter how sturdy or well-made they are, equipment and vehicles inevitably sustain wear and tear through use. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make yours last as long as possible. By installing automatic lubrication systems (including waste grease systems) components will be kept properly greasedeven during operation. Ensuring they stayed greased keeps the wear and tear they sustain to a minimum. The longer they stay in good condition, the better and harder your equipment and vehicles can work for you.

Easy installation.

Equipment and vehicle components can be located in tight areas, making it hard to grease them manually and easy to miss them completely. You don’t have to worry about that when you use automatic lubrication systems. They come in a variety of sizes, guaranteeing you can find the one that will fit your equipment and vehicles.

Boosts service technicians’ safety, efficiency and productivity.

Manually lubricating equipment and vehicle components is hard and potentially dangerous. After installing automatic waste grease lubrication systems on your equipment and vehicles, your service technicians will no longer be at such risk, plus they’re have more time to spend on other tasks, making them more efficient and productive.

A very quick payback on the system.

There’s nothing quite like the return on investment that automatic waste grease lubrication systems can give. You can literally see the returns every time you use them in your equipments’ and vehicles’ increased life and upgraded performance, as well as your service technicians’ overall improvements. The more effective they are, the better your business will be.

Automatic Waste Grease Lubrication Systems Applications

While not many people are familiar with them, these systems are almost indispensable to a lot of industries, not only for being able to keep equipment and vehicles in great condition, but also for having many important applications, including:

  • Machinery, like stationary compactors
  • Heavy equipment, like trucks and landfill equipment
  • Facilities, like collection, post collection and material recycling facilities