Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Army

Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Army

To efficiently carry out their duties and responsibilities, the ADF need to be equipped with the latest in technology, whether its artillery, equipment, or vehicles. When it comes to Army vehicles, a well-maintained, mint condition fleet is essential for smooth tactical training and operations. This is where Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS) become a vital part of transport maintenance.

Army Vehicles that could benefit from an ALS

Land operations of the Australian Defence Force require several vehicles for a variety of purposes, from personnel carrier to carrying equipment and artillery to tactical practices and actual military operations. This fleet of army vehicles can significantly benefit from an Automatic Lubrication Systems installation. Here are three examples of army vehicles that can be installed with ALS:

Australian light-armoured vehicle – made by General Dynamics Land Systems Australia, the ASLAV is intended for surveillance and reconnaissance operations and can be upgraded and custom fitted based on the purpose of the mission. This 8-wheel vehicle is amphibious and provides a measure of protection to its crew from small firearms.

G-Wagon – In the Australian Army, this vehicle is extensively used for patrolling coastlines, disaster relief operations, and military training. It has a bulky build and is 4-wheel drive. The military requested for a custom fitted version of the G-Wagon that comes with a 6×6-wheel feature. Several variants of this vehicle was created for the Australian army for a wide range of missions.

Project LAND 121 – Successful military operations need an efficient tactical vehicle that can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance, and in the Australian Army, this high mobility transport vehicle is the top choice. Like most military vehicles, it is reconfigurable to serve a specific mission.

An Automatic Lubrication System is a system that pumps measured amounts of lubricant to all vital components of a machine. Since it is automated, it can be easily installed to these vehicles, releasing small bursts of lubricant at timed intervals while the machine is running. ALS is used in a variety of industries, and it can be fully implemented in military vehicles too.

Benefits of ALS for Army Vehicles

In army vehicles, the use of automatic lubrication systems provides a host of benefits essential for the efficient service of military equipment:

  • Well-functioning military vehicles. Lubricating army vehicles with the use of ALS ensures that every single critical component for the machine’s proper functioning is sufficiently lubricated.
  • Minimised manpower and reduced time. Because everything is automated in ALS, it does not require a lot of manpower to maintain vehicles. This also helps reduce maintenance and repair time.
  • Very cost-effective solution. Since all parts of the vehicle are lubricated properly, it extends the components’ operating life. In turn, vehicles are less prone to breakdowns and require less maintenance.
  • Increased safety in operations. Whether the military vehicle is used as a personnel carrier or for reconnaissance, a well-maintained vehicle ensures safe usage.

Just as the Defence Force provides critical support, they are supported by the vehicles and equipment they use, and rely on their efficient operation. When it comes to military vehicles, installing an automatic lubrication system is the surefire way to a safe, efficient, and economical practice.