Automatic Lubricant System – Changing Your Life

If you’re running a business that relies on heavy machinery, you’ll know how important it is to maintain proper lubrication of your equipment. 

However, taking the time to properly maintain lubrication for all your machinery can be a challenge. It slows down your workflow and productivity. 

In the busyness of schedules and deadlines, it can be easy to neglect and overlook lubrication. There’s so much to do, and it just falls at the bottom of your list. 

It’s like a cycle, where inadequate lubrication leads to equipment failures and costly repairs. Then, once it’s fixed, you get busy and run into the same problem again. Sounds familiar, right? 

Don’t despair, we have the solution: automatic lubrication systems.  

ALS will improve the efficiency of your business and change your life. Here’s four reasons why switching to ALS is the best way to future-proof and supercharge your business. 

Installing ALS will allow you to: 

  • Take back control of your time: ALS gives you the power to take back control of your time. ALS lubricates continuously, which decreases machine downtime and improves workflow efficiency. ALS eliminates the need for machines to be turned off during lubrication, which means your employees can keep working. ALS improves how long it takes for your team to get things done.  
  • Streamline maintenance processes: ALS streamlines your maintenance processes because it applies the right amount of the right lubricant at the right time. Rather than having numerous different lubricants scattered about your workshop, ALS is installed on each specific machine. Your employees don’t need to waste time finding the right lube, cleaning and greasing, but can instead keep going with their work.  
  • Protect your employees: ALS also helps to protect your employees from safety risks involved in manual lubrication. With ALS, there is no need to climb on equipment or lean or stretch to reach difficult places.  
  • Set and forget schedule: ALS is set to an automated time, so you don’t need to worry about planning time in your schedule to set aside for maintenance. Simply set and forget. As a busy business owner, having one less thing to chase up is a relief. 

Take the pain out of lubrication with ALS and get back to the things that matter: getting stuff done. ALS will really take your business to the next level and change your life. 

Talk to our team of experts at Lubecore for all your ALS needs today.