Automatic greasing systems and the environment

Given that automatic greasing systems help better maintain heavy vehicles and machinery, reducing wear and tear in the process, this results in greater efficiency across the board. It is the objective of Lubecore Australasia to offer systems that better protect your vehicles, your staff, and your business. As climate change and the way bigger businesses contribute to the world’s overall carbon footprint continue to be central points of discussion, Lubecore’s products are just one of numerous ways in which your business can be more energy efficient and, by extension, environmentally-friendly.


Automatic greasing systems: increased efficiency & reduced environmental impact

While cleaner energy sources is one of the common ways to address the issue of climate change, the truth is that incremental steps to increase efficiency with current technologies is just as important. A basic example is that even the type of tyres you have on your vehicle can influence your fuel consumption, which in turn contributes to a reduction in your carbon footprint. Driving techniques, revising supply routes, and improvements to maintenance also play their part.

It’s because of the above reasons that the automatic greasing systems offered by Lubecore can help in reducing your business’s carbon footprint. As the systems increase the life of your vehicles/machinery and reduce the likelihood of needing significant repairs, this in turn leads to overall improvements in efficiency. Greater efficiency means a reduced energy consumption. And whether this energy is provided through fuel or electricity, it all leads to your business being able to lessen its impact on the environment.

Environmentally / financially friendly

With everything considered, the advantages that automatic greasing systems offer don’t just apply to a more efficient and safer work environment. They also offer a marked opportunity for you to be more environmentally-friendly and, in turn, reduce operative expenses. If you’re not having to spend as much money on repairs/upkeep and fuel, for example, then those are tangible financial savings you can invest elsewhere in the business.