Waste & Recycling

Value: The ability to maintain your equipment safely.  The ability to reduce labor cost and component replacement.


  • Properly greased components last longer meaning your equipment works harder for you.
  • Lubecore’s lubrication solutions can be installed in tight areas which are difficult to manually grease or missed completely because of their location on the equipment.
  • A very quick payback on the system.
  • Increased safety for the service technicians.  They no longer have to climb all over the equipment to manually lubricate.
    They can perform a visual inspection of the grease point and concentrate more on other important PM items.
  • Increased vehicle life
  • The ability to track and monitor through documented history of component protection and maintenance.

Typical Equipment and Applications

  • Collection, Post Collection and Material Recycling Facilities.
  • Automated Side Loading Arms, Side Loading Garbage Trucks, Front Loading Packers, Rear Loading Packers, Recycling Trucks, Roll off Trucks.
  • Stationary compactors, landfill equipment.