Lubecore Australasia Specialises in Automatic Truck Grease Lubrication Systems.

Value: Your ability to increase revenue expands by maximizing on-road time.


  • Lubecore™ automated lubrication solutions allow for extended time between vehicle maintenance episodes.
  • Improved performance of brake components and reduction in “fifth wheel steer” creates a safer operating environment and minimizes costly incidents.
  • Properly greased components last longer meaning your equipment works harder for you.
  • Lubecore’s compact solutions can be installed in tight areas which are difficult to manually grease.
  • Customizable lubrication systems allow you to pinpoint value.
  • Increased vehicle resale value through documented history of component protection and maintenance.

Typical Equipment

  • Highway Tractor
  • Straight Truck
  • Trailers from Tandem to Multi-Axle
  • Dump Trucks
  • Stone slingers