Stationary Equipment

Value: Lubecore™ gives you the tools to keep your equipment and machinery running longer and more effectively.


  • Ensure maximized uptime of equipment by extending component (i.e. bearing) life with Lubecore™ Automatic Lubrication options.
  • Lubecore™’s multiple pump sizes help extend refill intervals as well as increase system capacity in some instances.
  • Smaller cost effective lubrication systems available for smaller pieces of equipment who’s uptime and component value is just as critical.
  • Lubrication systems allow you to consume less grease/oil which help the environment and the bottom line.

Typical Equipment

  • Concrete Plant lubrication systems
  • Sawmill, Pulp & Paper lubrication systems
  • Feed MillInjection Molding lubrication systems
  • Stamping Press lubrication systems
  • Packaging Equipment lubrication systems
  • Bottling Machinery lubrication systems
  • Printing Machinery lubrication systems