5 Industries That Rely On Automatic Greasing Systems (ALS)

Automatic Greasing Systems

Automatic greasing systems are indispensable to practically every industry. As we all know, ALS’ are designed to reduce friction and heat in moving components. This helps reduce excess wear and tear, prolonging the life and efficiency of vehicles and machinery. Since almost all industries need machines to run smoothly, ALS is a integral part of machine management and maintenance. But there are those that need ALS’s more than others.

Want to know which ALS your industry benefits from the most? Here are 5 of Australia’s main industries and the type or types of ALS’ they need to keep running at their best:

The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is a part of transport and logistics that most people are probably familiar with. That’s because it’s the one we likely see most often.

There are hundreds of thousands of trucks registered in the country, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Most (if not all) of them are used to transport freight. Nearly all the freight in the country is transported by road, according to the Truck Industry Council, so many of us usually see trucks on our highways and roads.

To keep their trucks safe and working efficiently, companies need to properly maintain their fleet. That’s where automatic trailer lubrication systems come in. Made specifically to keep truck trailers lubricated even during use, they keep the driver and the goods safe while making sure the vehicles work efficiently and without issue.

The Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the industries literally building the world. Without it, we wouldn’t have roads, bridges and buildings. But to do a lot of their work, they needs earthmoving equipment.

Earthmoving equipment are heavy-duty vehicles generally used to move large quantities of earth. Examples of such equipment are excavators, backhoes and bulldozers.

If there’s equipment that requires the most amount of maintenance, it’s earthmoving equipment. The equipment is usually placed under a lot of stress not only because they do particularly hard work, but also because they work in harsh environments. Just check out this excavator hard at work.

So the equipment can withstand the extreme stress of their work, the construction industry needs lubrication systems for their earthmoving equipment.

The Mining Industry

One of the most effective ways to reduce the mining industry’s environmental impact is using automatic waste grease lubrication systems. These ALS’ use recycled waste grease as lubricant, cutting down the amount of lubricant the industry produces. Couple that with the industry’s robust waste disposal procedures and you can be sure it’s getting better and better at protecting the environment.

The Agriculture Industry

There are many heavy-duty vehicles used by the agriculture industry, including harvesters, crop sprayers and planters. While they’re work might not seem as demanding as that of earthmoving equipment, they’re still placed under a lot of stress when used. Since they vary greatly from one another, the industry can choose to use more than one type of ALS. Installing the most suitable type on each piece of equipment guarantees they can perform at their best.

Sugar Cane Production

Sugar cane is one of the crops cultivated by the agriculture industry as a whole. But there is equipment and uses that are unique to sugar cane production. For one thing, some of them are smaller than the heavy-duty vehicles used by the agriculture industry. Because these machines and equipment are unique, they can require a different implementation of ALS that other agriculture machines.  The only way they can be properly lubricated during use is by installing automatic sugar cane equipment grease lubrication systems on them.

The 5 most common Industries to re-cap:

  • The trucking industry
  • The construction industry
  • The mining industry
  • The agriculture industry
  • The sugar cane industry

The Featured ALS’

  • Automatic trailer grease lubrication systems
  • Automatic earthmoving lubrication systems
  • Automatic waste grease lubrication systems
  • Automatic sugar cane equipment grease lubrication systems

Knowing which industry benefits from which type of ALS and how they’re valuable lets others install the ALS on their equipment that will not only make them perform efficiently, but also benefit the business as a whole.