5 Australian Army Vehicles

With ANZAC Day almost upon us, it’s always important to remember the sacrifices our servicemen and servicewomen have made in the name of protecting our country.

While serving our country, these brave individuals face challenges most of us could never even imagine. As part of staying protected and being able to move from place to place quickly, as is necessary in countries riddled by conflict, it’s Australia’s Army vehicles that play a large role in achieving this.

In today’s article, we’re going to provide a quick overview of five of Australia’s most noteworthy and important Army vehicles.

1. Australian Light Armoured Vehicle


To say that the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) can take a beating would be an understatement. This eight-wheel-drive amphibious vehicle is capable of enduring some of the harshest conditions on earth, and has been specifically designed to deal with Australia’s own special brand of ‘harsh’. These modifications include, naturally, the instalment of air conditioning, as well as equipping the wide wheels and tyres available for this vehicle. The ASLAV is a reliable, low maintenance Army vehicle that is capable of travelling long distances very quickly.

2. Bushmaster


Known as the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV), it is a well regarded vehicle both for its role in sustaining jobs in Australia and playing an integral role in Afghanistan. It is locally produced, and is capable of having up to 10 battle-ready troops deployed in almost all conceivable environments. Given that it is often used in conflict-heavy locations, the Bushmaster is blast resistant. Overall, though, its innovative cabin design provides it with a flexibility to be used for many purposes.

3. G-Wagon


In production since 1979, more than 65,000 G-Wagon vehicles have been supplied to armed forces from around the world. The primary purpose of the G-Wagon for the Australian Army is that is used in tactical training, utilised during disaster relief efforts, and even helps secure our nation’s coastlines.

4. M1 Abrams Tank


As the Australian Army’s iconic combat-ready tank, the M1 Abrams is fitted with advanced composite armour, providing substantial defence against enemy fire and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The tank’s fuel and ammunition is located in separate compartments of the tank, which protects the crew in the event the fuel or ammunition ignites/explodes.

The Australian Army’s operation tank until, the 1st Armoured Regiment is equipped with the M1 Abrams. As well as being utilised in combat, the Abrams is also used for training purposes at the School of Armour in Puckapunyal, and at the Army Logistic Training Centre at Bandiana.

5. M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carrier


Capable of protecting and transporting up to 10 Infantry personnel, the M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) have been assisting the Australian Defence Force since the Vietnam War. The M113 has armour resistance against small arms fire, installed ballistic plating for protection against mine blasts, and spall curtains to maximise the survivability of onboard passengers.

Designed for highway, off-road and cross-country traversal, the M113 fleet is currently undergoing comprehensive upgrades to extend their service life through to 2050.


* All images sourced from Army.gov.au