3 common mining vehicle attachments

bulldozerIn the mining industry, various types of machinery can be customised and improved via purpose-built attachments.

For today’s article, we take a look at 3 of the more common mining attachments that help make the job the manageable and efficient.

1. Water tankers

Often mining trucks may need to increase their carrying capacity for water, which is why attachable water tankers such as those by K&O Mining Fabrication have been manufactured for some time. These water tankers can hold capacities of between 15,000 to 120,000 litres and can suit popular mining trucks such as CAT, Volvo, Bell and Komatsu.

The tankers are designed with safety as its paramount concern, including non-slip roof walkways, internal ladders and non-slip perforated external ladders. Ultimately, these attachable water tankers allow for far greater amounts of water to be transported and used on-site.

2. Buckets

Bulldozers are a common piece of machinery on mining sites as they help collect and remove dirt, debris and other types of land to pave the way for further mining excavation. Given the wide range of bulldozer sizes that exist, as well as the use of mine excavators on mining sites, a variety of buckets need to be used throughout the excavation process.

With most bulldozers and excavators, different buckets can be attached to account for the various steps and differing requirements of any mining project. So, with that considered, bulldozer and excavator buckets are a very common and frequently utilised attachment across these types of mining vehicles.

3. Greasing systems

Mining vehicles are used for hours on end every single day, so the need for them to continue operating without issue is absolutely paramount. As repairs and/or replacement can cost millions for such massive machinery, automated greasing/lubrication systems have become popular attachments. Essentially, these automated systems continuously lubricate the mining vehicles to reduce friction and strain during operation, which in turn prolongs their operational life.

In addition to helping reduce costs, automated lubrication systems remove the need for any manual application of such lubricants. By removing this necessity, it means that mining staff aren’t putting themselves at risk by navigating heavy machinery just in the name of keeping it properly lubricated.


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